Our team

Bay’s small team and it’s associates are dedicated to helping leaders at all levels tackle the issues of running an organisation in a dynamic and challenging environment.

We work collaboratively with clients to resolve business challenges ranging from clarifying their strategic direction to building the leadership capability of their executives to successfully implement change as well as running team acceleration workshops to build cohesive teams committed to getting results.

We have worked with many of Australia’s leading companies both large and small to clarify their direction, build their capability and resourcefulness, and enhance top management’s – leadership, team focus and collaboration.

Being a small practice, we have also worked with many other consultancies in a collaborative team-based environment to bring the best possible solutions to clients by blending capabilities and approaches with the client’s own resources.

Shane G Stewart

The miracle of the modern organization is leadership and people – talent makes capital dance and will increasingly do so in a rapidly changing and demanding world.

My name is Shane Stewart and I have a belief that talented leaders and switched on people can envision and build brighter futures for their organisations and thereby create their future.

I want to help leaders and people build brighter futures, I love being in the thick of personal and organisational evolution.

I have 4 overlapping roles in my work, management consultant, workshop facilitator, trainer and executive coach.

I am energised about how we can bring the best out of organisations and people:

What’s possible – where are we heading?

What are the strengths that we can leverage, where are the opportunities for improvement?

What are we doing well now and how do we do more of that? Maybe that will simply crowd out the unhelpful stuff?

What’s outdated about our thinking – What do we have to unlearn and relearn and repeat?

What are the weak signals in our market that we have to tune into to?

What’s on the fringe of our market, we better find out because soon that fringe will be the centre – the future has already happened, its just not widely known!

Are we doing the wrong thing really well, while we should be doing the new thing poorly as well learn to evolve into to the new right thing? How do we support our talented people through the transition?

What do we have to protect about what we are currently doing?

Who are our very best at what we do and can we transfer those mind-sets and behaviors to everybody?

I started my professional career as a financial analyst in merchant and investment banking and then moved on to consulting. I have helped start and grow three consulting practices and know what’s it like to be kept awake at night focused on business issues, like getting growth, a changing competitive landscape, cash-flow and “problem-children” in the business and well as the excitement of nailing a critical deal and having a winning year.

I have qualifications in banking and finance, management (strategy) and a masters in business administration as well as training and certifications in personal development methodologies and tools.

A lot of my thinking about organisations these days is shaped by the evolution of natural environments – regenerative systems that evolve, the work of Jung and archetypal psychology – The Gods At The Management Table !

Kay Phillips

Kay as been a Senior Consultant with Bay for over 15 years. During this time she has worked with numerous organisations and leaders as assignment lead, workshop facilitator, leadership trainer and coach.

With a collaborative style, Kay works in partnership with clients to design and deliver practical solutions that help individuals, teams and organisations enhance their capability and realise brighter futures. Kay has extensive experience working at all levels in the commercial, public and NFP sectors.