What we do

Bay Consulting provides a range of business and people focussed solutions to help organisations:

  • Build their executive talent
  • Sharpen their strategic intent and build their capability platform to unlock value from competitive markets

Strategic Alignment Facilitation

Helping executives to align the key factors that drive growth by assisting them explore and shape their strategies, culture and leadership focus to the demands of their operating environment.

This encompasses providing Change Management assistance to help build change strategies and capabilities that engage and energise the organisation.

Leadership Development

Assisting organizations to build their executive talent pool by providing a range of development services including the research, design, development and facilitation of leadership development workshops.

Bay has a particular interest in helping to develop leaders who can; Anticipate The Future, Align and Energise Their Organisation and Act with Resourcefulness to make useful change happen and achieve results.

Team Development

Bay helps teams to clarify their purpose, align with their organisation, build trust and sustainable commitment to motivating goals with a clear implementation strategy.

Workshop & Seminar Design and Facilitation

Bay helps executives to develop and facilitate creative and results orientated workshops, seminars and off-sites. Bay works with executives to establish a theme, sharpen workshop objectives and then facilitates the workshop to deliver results.