What we do

We love being in the thick of personal and organisational evolution and are guided by our core values.

Collaborative Effort
Positive Footprint
Straight Talking
Heavy Lifting

Building Brighter Futures

We help leaders sketch out better business game-planes.

With leaders we design, develop and then facilitate workshops that clarifies direction, dials up commitment and fosters execution. We help leaders to cultivate an aligned and constructive culture that underpins strategy execution and creates a great place to work and grow.

We often sit with leaders and listen deeply, ask questions to get to the heart of the matter, share perspectives and white board possibilities to clarify the way forward and how to get there. A space to talk things out to think things through.

Growing Leaders At All Levels

We collaborate with organisations to craft leadership development strategies including the design, development and facilitation of leadership development workshops.

We facilitate our flagship development programs; The Positive Leadership Workshop and the applied leadership program Leading For Results. These are often customised for specific organisations.

We have helped 1000 of leaders extend their effectiveness by deepening their self awareness and impact with tools like the MBTI, HBDI, LSI and Leadership Benchmarks


Fostering High Performance Teams

Bay co-designs with clients team development and acceleration workshops and development strategies.

We often adopt the Bay 4C Model For Team Development – Clarity Squared, Commitment, Cohesion and Coherence.

Executive Coaching – Leadership Development 1:1

We help leaders expend their effectiveness,  impact and resilience.

We believe in Inner Cultivation and Outer Excellence. Leaders win in two places, the inner game of leadership – purpose, values and a winning mind set then the outer game of supporting habits and behaviours.